God The Father

God loves you more than you can imagine. He gave His Son and shows us His love through the actions and ministry of Jesus. He is your creator and wants what's best for you. He’s done everything possible to have you enter into a living and active relationship with Him. 



Jesus is the very embodiment of God’s love. He came to earth, took on skin, and demonstrated God’s unbridled love for you by completing your salvation. It is finished. You are a child of God and your only responsibility is to receive His grace. If you receive Jesus, your identity has changed; you are His beloved. 


The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, who is a fully functioning member of the God-head, has been given to us for our personal benefit. He helps us to think the thoughts of God. He also is the one who causes you to live up and into your identity as God’s child. The Spirit empowers you to live daily into the purposes of God for your life.  


The Bible

The Bible is alive. Although it was written by human authors, under the watchful care and guidance of the Holy Spirit, it became our source for truth. It is absolutely inspired by God and is relevant to our everyday lives. 



Religion is “DOING,” but because of Jesus it’s all “DONE.” Salvation is what’s offered to us when we receive what Jesus has done for us. We believe salvation alone is found in receiving Jesus and His righteousness.