We believe that through an encounter with God, we become aware of our true identity. Once God begins revealing who we are, we experience spiritual renewal. Through this encounter, our renewed hearts compel us to live and move in a new direction, living brighter lives that reflect His glory.



1. Identity

Who am I? Finding your identity will change everything. You will find there’s more consistency in your life, and that you look more like Christ. You will live more into the life He has for you. This will feel and look nothing like conforming to some religious order. Consistency does not mean conformity.



Why does it matter? The monotony of life quickly takes the spirit’s wonder and imagination away. Renewal, however, feels like catching your breath for the first time in a long time. These God-breathed moments happen more and more frequently as you are immersed in worship everyday. Renewal is a new awareness of the Holy Spirit and how active God really is in our lives.



Where am I going? Direction has to do with focus and a continual desire to follow the words and life of Jesus. He has shown us the way of love and we follow it, sharing this love with intentionality. We share hope, joy, and love, not sermons, rules, or judgment.